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Friday 9 March – Friday 8 June 2018.

Exhibition Opening Saturday 16 June 2018 – details to be announced closer to the date.

We’ve created a permanent dedicated space for our Artist in Residence.

This will be an ongoing part of Santa Carla as we continue to look at ways we can support independent artists.
The Artist in Residence space is for current artists, represented within the store and new artists we take on board in the future. Artists can arrange to use the space exclusively for up to 3 months for either one or two days per week. If there is a period in time in which we do not have an artist in residence we will open the desk to temporary, half day, free hot desking space for current artists.

The aim of the residency is to provide an inspiring, dedicated and reliable place for an artist to develop and create a project, single piece, or collection of work.
During their residency an artist will be able to create any type of art and display existing or ongoing work.
An artist may also choose to take on a limited number of commissions for customers or projects specifically for Santa Carla.
At the end of the residency Santa Carla and the artist will hold an exhibition of the work created in the residency space. This exhibition and its opening will vary in size and length depending on the work and the artist.

Something from Veronica…

Inspiration can be anywhere and anytime, so I always make space in my bag for a blank notebook. Often I’m the one squished in a corner of the tram balancing a drawing on my lap, or the one at brunch who interrupts to say “I’m sorry…I’ve gotta write that down…”, or the one who trips over whilst focussing on an awesome idea rather than my surroundings. Sure it can be hazardous, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a background in psychology, I’m naturally drawn to the weird and wonderful parts of the world. Combine that with a passion for all things cute (long time cat person!) along with years in the greeting card industry, and a rather Cutely Weird and Weirdly Cute style has emerged. At times this can create niche concepts, e.g. Tardi-Great card featuring the real but obscure minuscule Tardigrade. Then other times is more general with my vast exploration of cats. In 2006 my cat, Teacup, began to eat a bunch of flowers on my desk, amused and inspired I drew this scene. From this moment my recurring cat character The Fluff was born, along with my freelance illustration and design company, Elvedee Design. The Fluff and I recently celebrated 12 years together with the beginnings of a children’s book.

I’ll be at the artist’s desk at Santa Carla every Friday for three months.
During my time I will be creating a new range of greeting cards called Amusing Musings, whilst also continuing work on my first children’s book, Ben Nana – a collaboration with local writer Michael Irving.