Twisted Poems of a Warped Mind – Melanie Tomlin


Readers beware! Some of you may be shocked by parts of this book.

Vegetarians may be disturbed by turkeys that think they’ll be on the Thanksgiving menu, or kiddies that will end up in a witch’s freezer.

Others may be offended by the mushy poems professing love, or possibly excited by all the chopping, reaping and killing.

Those of you who enjoy a little titillation may end up in the house of sin, but be warned, there are no refunds or compensation given for bruised buttocks.

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Not put off by any of the above?
Maybe just a bit by the mushy love
Desensitised to violence and killing?
Though the titillation might be thrilling
Rhyming or not, it’s all the same
Sounds as if you would be game
So take the plunge, if you dare
Then leave a review — it shows you care.

Page Count: 72

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