Sleeper – Luke C Jackson


Sara Gray is sixteen years old. She can speak several languages, ride a motorbike at high speed, and beat a grown man in hand-to-hand combat. Only she doesn’t know it… yet.

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Living in the Indian city of Udaipur, Sara attends Calderstone’s International, the school of choice for families with ties to business, tourism and the government – families who must guard against prying eyes. When classified information is stolen during her best friend’s birthday party, Sara Gray is determined to find out who is responsible, but she must first answer other questions. Who has been sending her cryptic messages? How has she developed incredible new abilities? And why is her head suddenly filled with memories of someone else’s childhood?

The answers will lead Sara from the backstreets of Rajastan to the playground of Bollywood’s elite, forcing her to confront a terrifying possibility: that her whole life has been a lie.

Page Count: 212

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