…Of Heroes and Villians – CD – Willie Green


As far as Willie Green is concerned, it’s all about the drums. The New England-bred beatmaker puts that theory to the test on his debut album…Of Heroes & Villains, dropping through Brooklyn indie label Backwoodz Studioz.
A half-hour instrumental adventure …Of Heroes & Villains is born out of Willie Green’s childhood love of cartoons. In his words, the premise of this instrumental narrative is “the ultimate battle between good and evil. He-Man vs. Dangermouse’s Baron Silas Greenback”. The album pairs Green’s agile beatmaking with a keen ear for samples pilfered from some of his favorite cartoons. As an extra bonus, Green has included two exclusive non-album tracks featuring billy woods of SCFB and Nasa of The Presence, respectively.

Released July 28, 2009

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Willie Green for Paul Womack Media

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Track List

1.Final Adjustments 02:15
2.Preparations 00:49
3.A Turn For The Worse 01:27
4.The Plan 01:25
5.Synergy 01:28
6.Snitches 01:57
7.The Message 02:03
8.The Anomaly 01:32
9.First Encounters 00:57
10.A Thrill A Minute 02:12
11.Entermission 01:45
12.Nobody Gets Out Alive 01:09
13.Maid Service 01:50
14.Destination Please 01:02
15.Arrival 01:02
16.Exiled 01:09
17.The Twist 00:43
18.Swords Crossed 01:43
19.Final Showdown 01:40
20.Victory Lap 01:09

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