Mega Ran 10 V2.0 – CD – Random


A collection of songs inspired by the Mega Man 10 soundtrack. Don’t expect this to be as cohesive as previous releases, but just as fun.

2011 RandomBeats Music LLC/Neosonic Productions.

Production and instrumentation by Random, Mustin, Andre Jackson, Derrick Canton, Torzelan, Mutherpluckin’ B, Frelance, Lost Perception, Holly Fulton, Pelicaine!, K-Murdock and DN3.

Guests include: Storyville, Beefy, Phill Harmonix, Wordspit, Open Mike Eagle, Adam WarRock, DJ Rocktopus.

Art by Thor Thorvaldson.

Mastering by Kyle Murdock for Neosonic Productions. Thanks to all Capcom staff, past and present, who inspired me to keep making Mega Man rap.

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Track List
1.Here We Go Again! 01:43
2.Lookin’ Up 03:16
3.Commando 03:08
4.Sick!!! 03:30
5.The Day The Robots Took Over 03:29
6.A Hero’s Lament 04:39
7.MegaLude 10 feat. Muthapluckin’ B 01:41
8.Pump It Up! (feat. Adam WarRock) 04:00
9.Bassnium 02:21
10.Now Hiring (Feat. Open Mike Eagle) (free) 03:22
11.Go Off (feat. Beefy and Phill Harmonix 03:43
12.Next Level feat. Storyville 03:26
13.Ten 02:44
14.Mega Man Forever 03:24
15.Easy Mode feat. Wordspit 03:42

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