Job Dun – Size Does Matter – Mark Hobby


Size Does Matter
Story begins with Job Dun, rotund killer with a taste for chem-cola, dispensing rough justice upon a couple of bouncers after they refuse him entry into a nightclub. He swears they hit first. It is the year 2112 and the story is set in Ink-Blot City, a cesspool of crime and sex with a price tag. Like all citizens of the city, he is outfitted with a ‘spray-maker’, a piece of digi-tech lodged deep in his pineal gland that enables him to augment his perception to create the world he wants to see. Think four steps beyond Google Glass, with everyone living in a glossed-up world mirroring their own inclinations. Though essentially a thug, Dun chooses to live in a hyper-real, sexualised reality reminiscent of noir films, laced with fetish overtones – what he likes to call ‘fet-noir’. ‘Cos he’s classy.


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Written by Mark Hobby
Art by Ben Michael Byrne
Coloured by Noelle Criminova, Owen Watts
Lettered by Dave Bolt-01 Evans

28 Pages, 17+

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