Job Dun 2015 Sticky Edition – Mark Hobby


The 2015 Sticky Edition of Job Dun, Fat Assassin is here!

4 new stories! 6 new characters! Same number of fat-ass killer!

Oh, and a porn-store. There’s a porn-store.
Join Job Dun as he liberates a hole-hungry data leak from the clutches of a slap-happy Dictator, battles thrill-gun Bombshells and revenge-filled Genre-Bots – and takes a girl out on a date!

Written by Mark Hobby, this 24 page, full-colour comic has art by Tom Bonin (with Lancelot Catan on colours), Dave Bus, Kev Harper and Joe Palmer. With letters by Bolt-01!
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Written by Mark Hobby
Art by Tom Bonin, Dave Bus, Kev Harper, Joe Palmer
Coloured by Lancelot Catan
Lettered by Dave Bolt-01 Evans

28 Pages, 17+

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