Code Name Sara Gray – Luke C Jackson


Code Name Sara Gray, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Sleeper, continues the story of 16-year-old Sara Gray, an unwilling secret agent.

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As a child, Sara was a member of a project known as HAMELIN, which secretly trained her to commit espionage on its behalf. After escaping their clutches in India, she has made it as far as the seaside paradise of Acapulco, where she thinks she is safe.
When she is approached by a man asking for help to locate his missing daughter, Sara finds herself pulled back into the life of a spy. Travelling from fast-paced Mexico City to the jungles of Guatemala and the shadowy island of Cuba, she uncovers more than she bargains for – not only about the true reason for the girl’s disappearance, but also about her own childhood.
All the while, she is being hunted by a fellow operative, who will stop at nothing to complete his mission…

Page Count: 239

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