Boxbeats Vol.3 – CD – Phonophanatic


Welcome back to the 3rd installment in the Phonophanatic Boxbeats series. For this release we teamed up with to provide you a tasty selection of beats.

Box number 3 contains tracks made by fresh new beatmakertalent from The Netherlands, Isreal, Belgium, France, Brazil and Germany.

Open up and enjoy!

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Track List

1.Stan Forebee – Mellow Dee 02:47
2.baaskaT – G-sus Funk 03:00
3.Delano – Long Gone 02:07
4.Beatsofreen – High Spirits 03:17
5.Chamon – BoomBap Sight 03:15
6.Pulse Tone – Dreamers 03:48
7.deeB – The Diplomat 03:29
8.Cise2 Aka Øde Soul – Liquid Sober 03:17
9.Anton – Bordeaux 04:38
10.Cafe aka DM – Se 02:24
11.Kando7 – Nobird 03:30
12.Flitz&Suppe – Strange 02:20
13.Kromozone – Kromeschool 02:54
14.De Producent – Spirit of Freedom 03:42

released November 1, 2013

photograpy by Ali Mousavi /

Huge thanks to everybody who got involved in this project!

deeB (NL),
Beatsofreen (NL) ,
Cise2 (IL),
baaskaT (BE),
Flitz&Suppe (DE),
Cafe aka DM (BR),
Stan Forebee (NL),
Chamon (NL),
Kromozone (NL),
Delano (NL),
Kando7 (NL),
Pulse Tone (FR),
Anton (NL),
De Producent (NL),