Boxbeats Vol.2 – CD – Phonophanatic


NOTE: Most of the containments of this box are already broken, reversed, sliced up, flipped down, placed out of context and turned inside out.

This is the 2nd installment in the Phonophanatic Boxbeats series, just as on the first volume, we bring you a broad variety of exclusive, instrumental hip-hop beats crafted by a group of young but deadly-talented producers from around the globe.

Let’s check out what’s inside.

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Track List

1.Fredo – Forwards 05:03
2.Moods – Flat Pockets 03:12
3.Beatsofreen – Universe 03:31
4.deeB – About the Island 03:56
5.Violent Public Disorderaz – In a Jazzymental Mood 03:00
6.Losco – Shifting Grounds 03:09
7.Kromozone – G Dedicated 02:06
8.Simibz – AGAWA 02:47
9.Lie Manatik – Summer 02:54
10.Banda – Fazed 04:27
11.Ribbonmouthrabbit – Planets (feat Kovacs) 03:38
12.DJ Mentos – The Difference 03:41
13.Delano – Traces of Habits 02:30
14.crL – My Mistake 01:39
15.Cise2 – Box Full Of Thoughts 03:18
16.Kando7 – Devolution 02:48
17.Cafe aka DM – Irmão Emilio 02:57
18.Chamon – Some Day 03:54

released May 15, 2013

photograpy by Ali Mousavi /

Huge thanks to everybody who got involved in this project!

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Moods (NL),
deeB (NL),
Losco (BE),
Beatsofreen (NL) ,
Fredo (UK),
Ribbonmouthrabbit (HU),
Violent Public Disorderaz (BG),
Banda (NL),
Lie Manatik (NL),
Simibz (JP),
DJ Mentos (USA),
Cise2 (IL),
Cafe aka DM (BR),
Chamon (NL),
Kromozone (NL),
crL (NL),
Delano (NL),
Kando7 (NL),

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