Blur Bomber – CD – Mega Ran and Mister Wilson


WORLDS COLLIDE! An epic journey with two of gaming’s most iconic figures, Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog. Random, aka Mega Ran, the world’s most foremost hip hop gamer, brings his brand of “chip-hop” to a new level by teaming with New Jersey based battle rapper Mister Wilson, an avid fan of Sonic, with seamless chemistry over spaced out production.

Released December 10, 2013

Inspired by the “When Worlds Collide” Crossover Comic Series by Archie Comics. Written by R. Jarbo and T. Wilson. Recorded and mixed by Brian Gigerich at HKS Studios, Glendale, AZ. Mastered by Jamel Abbas.

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Track List

1.Intro (Worlds Collide) 03:17
2.Love is… 02:50
3.President *cutscene* 00:44
4.Best Friends (Mega Ran Solo Mission) 03:35
5.Skull Egg Zone 02:41
6.Lava Reef feat. Storyville 04:01
7.Space & Time *cutscene* 00:30
8.Mega Man Legend (Wilson Solo Mission) 03:05
9.20XX 03:51
10.All In The Line Of Duty *cutscene* 00:40
11.Downtown (skit) 01:49
12.Unite! feat. Tha Kure 04:21
13.Blur Bomber 03:49
14.Get Ready (skit) 02:10
15.The End Zone (Final Battle) 03:21
16.Ending 02:32

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