Beats from the ground up – CD – NatureboyRD


Debut album from NatureboyRD featuring 23 tracks of tasty samples and finely chopped breaks.

Mellow yet powerful instrumental Hiphop beats that resonate in the soul, with chopped breaks, phat bass lines, funky drums, and slick keys. improvised trumpet and turntablism are featured on certain tracks.

NatureboyRD: This album is a compilation of my best beats from 2007-2009. With 23 tracks, it is an eclectic blend of inspiring instrumentation with an underground funky hiphop style. If you like freestyling or just bumpin phat beats in your ride or headphones, this is what you’re looking for. I use an MPC, analog and digital keyboards and tons of vinyl to make these. I have been producing for over a decade and take this artform very seriously. one love

Produced, Mixed & Mastered By: NatureboyRD

Released in 2010


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Track List
1.From The Ground Up Intro 01:44
2.Cessame Seed (Let me go) ft. Dave Williams on trumpet 03:32
3.Uncontaminated Heights 03:21
4.Conditions And Events 02:52
5.Short Story 00:34
6.Flyin High in the Polluted Sky 02:14
7.Mad Finesse Ft. DJ Asylum on cutz 03:08
8.Natural High 02:36
9.Sun Down to Sun Up Ft. DJ Asylum on Cutz 03:23
10.What Used To Be Ft. Dave Williams on Trumpet 04:40
11.99 cent interlude 01:39
12.Art Vandal, eh? 03:50
13.Drunkn Oodle (it comes and goes) 03:00
14.Real Life Everyday World 02:39
15.The Red Eye Strut Ft. Dave Williams on Trumpet 02:41
16.101 Sound FX 02:22
17.Fade Away 03:11
18.Mellow Mellow Interlude 01:02
19.Ready to Get Down (James Brown Tribute) Ft. Dave Williams on Trumpet 02:50
20.Handle Ya Business 03:08
21.I could’ve told you 03:16
22.Jaywalkin With a Limp 00:58
23.Out 01:28

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