Beat Boxing – CD – Supa Dave West


Instrumental Album.
CD in mini LP style jacket with printed inner sleeve.
Music producer Dave West was born in Queens New York. The famed hip hop producer for numerous artist, started as a church musician turned tour drummer. While taking on the musical director roll for many years he then made the transition into producer. Dave is know for his drum specific melodic unpredictable production style.

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Track List
1.Intro 01:25
2.Hardwired 01:37
3.Coke Cola 01:24
4.Rockwell 02:00
5.Roll Call 02:51
6.Rags to Riches 03:10
7.Party Up Say Hoe 02:04
8.In and Out 00:26
9.Indian Buffet 01:55
10.Dark And Light 03:28
11.Beat Boxin 01:49
12.Keep On Dancin’ 02:25
13.Let’s Rock 02:26
14.Bounce 02:03
15.Don’t Touch My Records 01:31
16.Spitter’s Dream 02:14
17.Heaven 01:35
18.Lil Somethin’ 00:45
19.Dove’s Basement 01:31
20.Fight Music (Sherlock Holmes Tutorial) 02:00
21.Da God 03:29
22.Who Is It …Outro 02:00
23.One For The Road 01:25

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