A Mind On A Ship Through Time – CD – Panacea


Panacea’s 4th album; Originally released by Tasteful Licks Records
Vocals/Lyrics By: Raw Poetic (*except where noted)
Music/Sounds By: K-Murdock
Cuts/Scratches By: Damu the Fudgemunk
Produced, Mixed & Mastered By: K-Murdock for Neosonic Productions
Artwork By: Stephen Knox

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Track List
1.Introlude 00:41
2.Voyagers 03:49
3.Mudgreen 03:41
4.L.A.VA 04:05
5.Speak-O-Vision 04:08
6.Vandalism 03:25
7.Orange Penicillin 06:00
8.Sirens 02:19
9.Lunar Illusion 03:50
10.Chrono Trigger 03:19
11.Treasure Hunt 03:44
12.Mustard Seed Celebration 03:25
13.A Mind On A Ship Through Time 03:25

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