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Here at Santa Carla its never really a quiet day, there’s always cleaning, stock control, social media and book keeping along with a million other things to keep us busy.

However, it is nice to have some time to enjoy the space and be inspired by all the gorgeous art.

Today, as we prepare for Christmas, I’ve been teaching myself the basics of origami. I’ve always thought it was a incredible art, but have never given it a serious try.

I quickly learnt the rating scale of different designs is not to be ignored unless you want to waste a lot of paper! I got ahead of myself and created a reindeer that looked more like a sick seal, so have returned to three patterns I managed okay and I like.

I think I’ll stick with those for a while, work on my accuracy and smooth moves, get as comfortable as I can with them before going up a notch. So this Christmas we’l be celebrating with trees and stars.

Origami is about concentration, practice and patience. Perfect on a quiet day.

Folding 5 Pointed Star

Easy Origami Christmas Tree

Origami 8 Pointed Star