About Us

Stop by at Santa Carla and buy something awesome for yourself or someone you care about. We are talking quality handcrafted, inspired pieces of art in all the many forms art can take, from print to plushie, book to vinyl. These are all by indie artists, people who have amazing special gifts that the world needs.

Santa Carla exists because we love to buy independent artists’ work. There is something extra special about giving a gift that is individual and has had genuine care and love put in to it.

We have created a store stuffed to its rafters with exciting, unusual, quality creations brought into being by the plethora of talented local artists Melbourne and the world has to offer.

Santa Carla is the home for the great, bold and beautiful creations of artistic Melbourne and friends.

  • We stock things big and small, regular items and one offs, custom makes or matching sets.
  • We have a real understanding of the quality and work that goes into all the pieces we sell.
  • We do our upmost to make sure your purchasing experience matches the high quality of the artists’ work.
  • We’ll make sure that all the artists are recognised, celebrated and paid properly for their talents and labours of love…and, importantly, are given hugs.

….and by the way – whilst the store is focused on its finds from Melbourne we strive to include all those that embrace the Melbourne artistic spirit from anywhere in the world, Europe, America, New Zealand and more…

But there’s more to Santa Carla than just good art.
We are making a home away from home for all geeks and nerds. A place where there is space for art, craft, comics books, music and jewellery along with good conversation. You’ll find us people who understand the delight of a great book, comic, album, tv show, film, wrestling move. In other words, geeks, nerds, fans.

And we also understand that quiet joy of finding a unique, lovingly made item.